Setting up your router

Please watch this video for instructions on how to setup your router.

You cannot use any type of cable modem router combo routers or DSL/modem router combo WiFi routers, they are NOT compatible with our network.  You need a standard Ethernet router that is 802.11ac at a minimum.  Also make sure you are not using an N150/N300 or N600 Router as they cannot handle the noisy wireless environment in apartment buildings. One final note, make sure that you never name your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz SSID or wireless names the same thing. You will want to name them separately such as Apt504-2g, Apt504-5g, and then you will always want to connect to the 5g signal for the best performance.


Managed WiFi properties don't need a router and should not use a router. If you are in an Ethernet building and you need to provide a router, your Ethernet port should be live and active and you shouldn't need a username or password, UNLESS you are living in one of these three properties: Park Crest Terrace, Kohl Properties and Legacy Realty.


All other properties have live active Ethernet and you just need to plug in. The Ethernet port is generally in the living room.



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