Troubleshooting your modem

Make sure that your modem is plugged into an outlet with power and not on a switched outlet. We get calls from customers who have it on a switched outlet and wonder why their Internet only works at night when their lights are on.  So make sure the outlet has power, and the lights on the modem are on.

Do not change the port on the wall or the location that the modem is installed at.  Our technicians found the best place to plug it in when they installed it.  Moving the location will very likely degrade your service if it will work at all.

Make sure you don't plug the wrong power supply into the modem. For example plugging your router power supply into the modem very likely will permanently damage the modem.

The power light should be on. If after making sure the outlet has power, and the switch on the back of the modem is turned on you still don't have a power light, please contact support as your modem most likely will need to be replaced.

Next, make sure your Link or DSL light is on.  If the link/DSL light is not on, on your modem, please power cycle the modem either by unplugging it for 15 seconds or by pushing the switch to off and then after 15 seconds back to on.  The power light should come back on, and the link light should come on within 2-3 minutes.

If the link light does not come on after 5 minutes that means that your modem is not connected properly to our service.  Please contact support by emailing so that we can schedule an appointment if necessary to get your service restored. 


 When properly connected your Internet light on the modem should blink.

If the LAN light is not lit or flashing, that means there is an issue between the Modem and your Router. Please try replacing the Ethernet cord between the modem and your router and try power cycling your router.  If this does not work, then try to plug the Ethernet from the modem directly into your computer to see if the LAN light shows activity. If not, please contact support by emailing us, submitting a ticket from this website or calling us.  

Here is a video that will take you through the Modem troubleshooting process:

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