We have wireless but our Internet keeps dropping, why?

What we have found that in almost every situation where people are having problems, they are dealing with WiFi issues and WiFi interference and routers and or devices that can't handle the noisy wireless environment or can't deliver the faster speeds of the actual Internet connection. We don't have any control over the wireless environment in your apartment or building.

If you are in an Ethernet only property and you provide your own router, please be aware of the following:

You cannot use any type of cable modem router combo routers or DSL/modem router combo WiFi routers, they are NOT compatible with our network.  You need a standard Ethernet router that is 802.11ac at a minimum.  Also make sure you are not using an N150/N300 or N600 Router as they cannot handle the noisy wireless environment in apartment buildings. One final note, make sure that you never name your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz SSID or wireless names the same thing. You will want to name them separately such as Apt504-2g, Apt504-5g, and then you will always want to connect to the 5g signal for the best performance.


Wireless (WiFi) in apartment complexes is a difficult and challenging wireless environment due to so many wireless devices operating in an unlicensed frequency creating wireless interference. But we know and are sure you do as well how valuable, dependable Internet service is for your life and your school work. You are spending a lot of money for your education, and you want to make sure that your router and your wireless are not your bottlenecks. That is why we recommend that you get one of the best routers available (see information on Routers below), and plug in directly to your router with your computer via Ethernet whenever possible.

Here are two good articles that talk about how to determine whether a problem is with your ISP (, your router or a wireless issue and how to best deal or mitigate the wireless issues:

Another reason that you can see slowdowns on your wireless network during peak/busy periods is that there is a lot more interference from other nearby users and devices also using wireless at those same times. So by using some of the tips from the articles above to optimize your wireless network, you can help mitigate those issues.

Plugging in wired to your router or your Ethernet port will provide the best connectivity, but we are aware that this is not always an option.

While we can't solve WiFi interference issues, if you are having a problem when connecting hardwired directly through the modem that we provided, please contact us and open a trouble ticket so we can get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. If you are having a problem with your WiFi / Wireless, the best avenue is to contact the wireless router manufacturer typically.

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