I want a wired connection

Depending on your property you either have one Ethernet connection per bedroom (and if this is the case also typically one in the common room or living room) OR you have one Ethernet port for your apartment.  In some cases, you will have a Ruckus AP mounted on a wall in your apartment and it will have four Ethernet ports (if your property has property-wide WiFi and your apartment happens to have an AP - not all apartments have an AP - but all apartments will have at least one Ethernet port)

The following properties have building-wide WiFi:

  • The Edge - State College
  • Westside Village - State College
  • Campus Towers - State College
  • Apartment Store - Bloomsburg, PA - all apartments
  • Honeysuckle Student Apartments
  • The Homerella/Foster building - State College
  • Jag - 36 East Main Street Bloomsburg

If you are in one of the above properties and want to run hardwired Ethernet connections to your wired devices and you have more than one device that you want to connect, you will need an Ethernet switch plugged into your Ethernet port provided in the wall and then run Ethernet cords to your devices.

In other properties where you have an Ethernet port you will need to use a router and once your router is authenticated on our network you can then use the switch ports and run Ethernet cords from the switch ports to your devices.

An example switch can be found if you google: NETGEAR 5-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch



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