How can I setup a router

In a managed WiFi property you cannot setup or use your own router. In fact if you setup your own router it will be blocked when our network discovers it. We have installed a managed WiFi network that maximizes the wireless spectrum to provide the best possible WiFi experience for all of your devices in your apartment and in the apartment building.

To see if your building has Managed WiFi included, please check this list:

We will provide you with your Wireless Network Name (SSID) and your WiFi Password or Passphrase. You can then join the wireless network. Each apartment is securely isolated from the other apartments in the building. So you can see other devices in your apartment, but you can't see other residents devices and they can't see yours.  So you can share and use wireless printers, smart TVs and so forth.

Depending on how your apartment is wired you either have one Ethernet port or multiple and you may or may not actually have a wireless access point in your apartment. But the WiFi signal should be strong enough that you can get a good wireless connection.

We do recommend that if you can hardwire any streaming video box like an AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire that you connect it via Ethernet cable to the port on the wall if this is feasible. 

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