How do I add ethernet ports to my apartment

Do you want an ethernet port in your room so you can plug in?

While running new ethernet lines can be very expensive and run hundreds of dollars there is an easy way to add an ethernet port to a bedroom where you want to be able plug in a device and get it off of WiFi.

It is by using Ethernet over powerline. See this picture for a diagram of how it works:



As you can see in the picture there is no wiring between the devices, it uses the power lines to send the data.

They are typically sold in pairs. You need to add one at your router or where your Internet connection comes in to your apartment. You plug it in to the wall, don't use a power strip, it needs to plug directly into the outlet. Then you plug a cat5/6 ethernet cord from your incoming ethernet port to the Powerline to Ethernet Adapter.

You then add the secondary one in a room where you want the ethernet port and plug it into your device. (Please read the directions that come with them, you might need to pair them the first time, if you add a 3rd or 4th device, you will need to pair them with the original ones you put in and make sure  not to mix and match models or manufacturers, buy all the same time. Also stay away from ones that include WiFi as that will usually do more harm than good.


Here is a link to a pair on Amazon:

and here is another:

There are lots of makes and models both of these should work well, the first model is a little more expensive but provides more throughput. Sometimes the wiring in a building can cause these not to work well, but in most cases they will.

If you want extra ethernet ports you can also always add an ethernet switch.

Here is a link to a five port switch:






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