Dojo Networks - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the type of service you are providing?

  • Dojo Networks installs a cloud-managed and centrally managed wireless network. This system provides the solution to the frustrations typically associated with shared WiFi.
  • Our ManagedWiFi system will move your residents' devices connections to the access point with the strongest signal in the building based on their location. This ensures that they always have the fastest possible internet service for MDU’s. No matter the location, no device should experience loss of signal.
  • This is a fiber-based internet connection vs. a traditional cable modem which has limited bandwidth available.

What are the key benefits?

  • Eliminates WiFi interference from competing devices.
  • Maximizes the wireless spectrum for performance in your building.
  • Higher security features for both property managers and tenants.
  • Residents can “take their local network” with them and stay connected privately throughout the property.
  • We offer a symmetrical internet connection (download and upload).

Why is there a single SSID?

  • This SSID is broadcast property wide allowing you to remain connected to the wireless network anywhere the property has WiFi Coverage.

How do I know my network is secure?

  • Each apartment is provided with their own credentials to access the network. 
  • These credentials are issued through our controller using a method called DPSK (Dynamic Pre-Shared Key).
  • Each DPSK credential is configured separately and segments out your devices onto it's on VLAN.

What is a VLAN?

  • A VLAN is a way to partition and isolate devices that are connected to the same physical network.
  • Each apartment is assigned its own unique VLAN, which allows each apartment to act as a private network for the user.

Can I change my SSID?

  • At this current time, we do not allow the ability to change the SSID.
  • Even if you were to change your SSID, it would be limited to your individual apartment and would limit the ability to roam throughout the apartment complex.
  • This also removes the redundancy capability that if your wireless access point was to go offline you would not be able to switch over to a nearby access point to remain connected.

Is the network 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz capable?

  • The network is both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz capable.
  • We broadcast both signals under 1 SSID.

What if I have an older device that only uses 2.4Ghz?

  • In some cases, we can separate out the 2.4Ghz for older legacy devices.
  • This would be determined by our support team during the troubleshooting process.

Can I use Dojo Networks for Streaming and other devices?

  • Yes! Customers use Dojo Networks WiFi for Gaming, Streaming TV, or connecting their IoT devices.
  • If you are streaming TV or using a gaming system, it is recommended to plug directly into the bottom of the wireless access point for a hard-wired connection.

Are there wired ports available?

  • Wired ports are available in most locations.
  • Wired ports are normally located at the bottom of the access point (x3).

Can I still use my existing WiFi Router?

  • No, the WiFi network can cause interference with the wireless network that was installed and reduce overall performance. 

Will there be data caps or limits on my bandwidth?

  • There will be no data caps of limits on the bandwidth being used monthly.

Are upgrades available? If so, how do I purchase?

  • For upgrade availability, visit:   

What if I need support?

  • Contact Methods:
  • If you are experiencing an issue, it is extremely important to contact us to engage support so we can assist with resolving the issue in a fast and efficient manner.
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